Soranae is the name for plant seedlings that utilize 100% high-performance biochar as seedling growing medium.


Product Details

Soranae are seedlings grown in Soratan (high-performance biochar) that utilizes our unique high-performance soil technology. With the pots of seedlings also containing Soratan, if used as is in fields and flower beds, each seedling can reduce CO2 emissions by 150g. *150g CO2 reduction is equivalent to emissions per 1.5km of a typical passenger car.


Anticipated Benefits

The following benefits can be obtained by introducing Soranae.

- Improved environmental resistance, disease resistance, and photosynthetic efficiency

- Carbon fixation function in agricultural land

- Increased yield through improved seedling quality

- Increase in added value and sales through environmental contributions

- Proxy acquisition and sale of carbon credits based on the amount of Soratan applied, and partial return of profits from the sale of the carbon credits


Cultivation results (vegetables, grains)

- Soybeans

- Strawberries

- Onion

- Paddy rice

- Sorghum

- Cabbage

- Potatoes

- Tomatoes

Cultivation results (for flowerbeds)

- Marigold

- Chamomile

- Petunias

- Pansies

- Cosmos

- Stock

- Viola